Alessandra Liévano

An Artistic Designer and Media Editor


Alessandra Liévano is an accomplished Designer and proficient Media Editor, boasting a wealth

of experience in visual presentation. Her creative journey commenced with a Strategic Design

degree from Escuela de Comunicación Mónica Herrera in El Salvador.


Alessandra’s skill set encompasses Graphic and Digital Design, adept Photography, and

refined Video Editing. Recognized for her tech-savvy approach, quick learning capabilities, and

self-taught expertise, she has made meaningful contributions to various non-profit initiatives.

Alessandra’s touch has enhanced nationwide projects with visual eloquence, showcasing her

eye trained in the art of compelling visual narratives.


Beyond the professional arena, Alessandra’s passion lies in movies and filmmaking, serving as

a profound wellspring of inspiration for her creative pursuits. Driven by authenticity, she seeks to

articulate her identity through her work while employing her diverse skills to serve others.

Alessandra’s professional ambition is to establish a design studio. In this venture, she envisions

seamlessly integrating the diverse facets that inspire her into impactful and purposeful designs,

further solidifying her position as a design and media editing visionary.