Isabel Lopez Slattery

A Visionary Artist, Founder and Creative Director


Isabel Lopez Slattery is more than a photographer; she is an artist with a profound vision and a
keen sense of structure. A poised and highly educated professional, Isabel is the Founder and

Creative Director of Isabel Media Studios, where she seamlessly combines her love for art,
education, and the visual beauty learned through dance.Educated at Western Michigan University, Isabel holds dual degrees in Media Communications and Spanish Literature, a testament to her commitment to visual storytelling and cultural exploration. Her academic journey was not merely a pursuit of knowledge but a deliberate choice to immerse herself in the worlds of journalism and her Hispanic heritage.

In 2019, Isabel proudly embraced U.S. citizenship, marking another chapter in her life. Isabel’s
determination soared throughout these transformative years, fueled by an unwavering passion
for photography and a clear vision for her future.

Her photographic journey is studded with remarkable achievements. Isabel is the first woman to
capture the essence of notable political campaigns, including those of a current state
representative and the first Latina city commissioner in Grand Rapids, 2nd ward. Breaking
barriers, she became the inaugural female photographer to lead a cover shoot for a prominent
women's magazine in Michigan. Her extensive portfolio showcases collaborations with
businesses and organizations throughout West Michigan, with her work prominently featured in
influential editorial publications and high-profile advertising campaigns.

In the face of challenges, Isabel’s  resilience remains unyielding. Her outstanding track record
positions her as a role model in the Latin community and the broader West Michigan region.
Isabel Lopez Slattery continues to shape the visual landscape with her artistry, education, and a spirit that embodies the essence of her vibrant and diverse experiences.


Participated in her first art gallery with Art Exchange Grand Rapids

Nominated for 40 under 40 for her work in photography at Isabel Media Studios


Factor Media selected her among 15 female entrepreneurs across Michigan to share her entrepreneurial journey in the book Mujeres In Business Michigan edition.
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