Business Photography
for Impact

Capturing One Thousand Expressions of
Real People & Their Work that Matters

Business Photography
for Impact

Capturing One Thousand Expressions of
Real People & Their Work that Matters

More than a click

A Grand Rapids Business Photography Experience

In today’s digital environment, anyone can point and shoot. But it takes a strategy to communicate a message. Isabel Lopez Slattery’s early experience capturing moments in film taught her to make every shot count. Her team and 20+ years of experience combine to bring a strengths-based approach to make your message known through custom business photography.

Our Photography Services

Professional Headshots

Marketing yourself can be exciting and intimidating! We will guide you through the elements crucial to capturing your true and best self for your political campaign, company website, LinkedIn profile, and more. The details matter.

Corportate Events

Event photography is all about telling the story in an interesting and creative way. We have extensive experience in West Michigan, from forums to galas, celebrations, and nonprofit fundraisers. We know how to take the right shot at the right time.

Business Marketing

As visual people, we rely on images to show us something about a brand. Our in-depth onboarding process helps us understand your business goals and marketing needs. We’re ready to help you successfully market your business, employees, products, and services.


We are experts at creating images that visually tell a story to accompany your text in print or online publications, including news articles, blogs, magazines, ads, and social media.

More Than A Business Transaction

The Details That Make The Difference

We are committed to providing the best experience from start to finish. That means we pay attention to the details — all of them. Our clients can attest to our unmatched service, excellence, and personal touch.

More Than A Photo

Business Photography With The End In Mind

Making clients feel comfortable during their session is crucial to the end product. That’s the Isabel Media focus in all business photography shoots. Their goal is to capture your values and story in the images they create.


More Than A Click

Customer service for our business photography clients is our number one priority. We take the time to get to know you, your business, and your project.


Film To Digital

Isabel has been honing her skills for over two decades. She still feels the same thrill of excitement in seeing a new photo as she did when she started photographing in film 20 years ago.


Drawing With Light

It’s not just photography. It’s art. It takes patience to wait for that unique moment, the perfect expression, the picture that perfectly captures your essence.

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